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Once you've been in the hobby of custom knife collecting for a decent period of time, you start to notice things - certain details and subtleties that were not apparent at first to the untrained eye. You begin to realize, most of all, the difference between technical perfection and what I simply refer to as "passion" in the knives of different knifemakers. While adept technical skills are a necessity of great knife making, it is this "passion" that separates the great from the awesome. I am a man who draws his blades from both qualities. I am truly an artist as well as a knifemaker and it is his passion that fuses art and steel into one. If you want to order a knife please use the "CONTACT" link and e-mail the information about the knife you would like. If you have any questions concerning my knife making please you use the feedback form. Please use the survey for the website layout and information provided there in. Thank You


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