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Useful Links and Resources

Admiral Steel: Producer of quality steel that I use in my knife making purposes.

Florida Knife Makers Guild: Florida's own knife makers guild. With lists of memebers, events, and a few gallery of knives.

Hardness Testers: Hardness testers used to test the steel for surface hardness. I use a Rockwell.

Heat Treatment Kiln's/Ovens: A Paragon oven is the type I use during the heat treatment process.

Craftsman Drill Press: Equipment I use in the knife making process.

The Art of Modern Custom Knifemaking : Art and Design in Modern Custom Fixed-Blade Knives

Blade Magazine: An in-depth magazine all about knives.

The Finer Edge: A online magazine with lots of free features.

Knife Deals Plus: A nice tutorial on proper sharpening of knives.

Knife Resale Site: They offer the largest selection of nice custom knives..

Blade Forums: A site your you can go to and dicuss all aspects of knives with people that are also interested.

World Knives : World Knives features the highest quality knives available from all over the world.


Links to other Knife Makers


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Custom Made Knives by Don Robinson


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Allen Warren Handmade Knives

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